Friday, 14 February 2014

Marketing Automation for Twitter - Helping buyer find seller

Plug-in to the power of automated recurring promotions! Tweet Eye works on your behalf while you work, rest and sleep.
Tweet Eye ensures your eBay listings are continuously promoted on Twitter until they are either sold or your eBay listing ends.

Harness the power of pictures and hashtags to massively increase your buyer market.
Tweet Eye quickly and efficiently promotes your eBay products on your Twitter account extending your market reach. It puts you right in front of potential buyers so you can sit back, relax and watch your bids and sales grow!

Download your FREE software now!

There is no charge for this software. Go ahead and enjoy the results!

体验自动化循环推广的力量! Tweet Eye可以替代你工作当你在繁忙或休息睡觉的时候.
Tweet Eye能够保证你的eBay物品持续不断的在Twitter上被推广直到它们都售罄或是到期.

Tweet Eye快速有效的通过你的Twitter账户推广你的eBay产品来扩大你的市场范围. 它能精准的把你置于潜在买家面前使你可以轻松自在的看到你的销售额的增长!


这个软件是完全免费. 赶紧行动, 享受成果吧!

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