Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Social Media Secrets & Strategies For eBay Success

Social Media Secrets & Strategies For eBay Success. Are you going to GEEK UP or GIVE UP? If you have chosen to be in the business of online selling then you need online traffic. When it comes to getting most traffic online GEEKS RULE! This book challenges you to make a choice. Give up your assumptions and consider other ways to make money from the opportunities that eBay and Social Media offers the aspiring entrepreneur.
There are many less conventional routes to make a profit from eBay. As director of Tweet Eye my route to eBay success has been a bit less conventional than that of most eBayers.
First of all it is important to redefine eBay success. eBay is a huge market place business which many businesses can make an income from meeting the needs of eBay sellers. In chapter 6 the Tweet Eye Training Academy introduced you to a few ideas of how you can start earning on Fiverr by offering toUSE YOUR EBAY SKILLS ON FIVERR TO HELP OTHER EBAYERS
eBay is a network of over 112 million sellers in a global economy where everyone is desperate to sell at a profit opens up huge opportunities.
The most helpful thing you can do for other eBay sellers and also earn yourself money (a commission from eBay) for doing it, is become an eBay affiliate.
You don't need to own any items to sell yourself, you just need to become an expert at getting traffic to other people's items using commission-able links from the eBay Partner Network.
This is how my own path to success started. I was so despondent with the risk of buying items at one price and selling at virtually no profit after listing fees and postage the first opportunity I explored was being an eBay affiliate.
Being an eBay affiliate was an easy way of selling anything I wanted online without risking my own money to buy stuff.
In April 2013 ‘eBay Partner Network’ gave permission to all of its affiliates to make posts to Twitter and Facebook, massively increasing the opportunities for affiliates to earn money from social media posts. 
You would be amazed at what products I have managed to sell for other eBayers simply by posting images of their items with hashtags to Social Media. 
In my first few months as an eBay affiliate I decided to promote common products most people use. I successfully increased affiliate income from promoting shoes, shoes, more shoes, some wedding dresses, engagement rings, etc.
Then I got ambitious and started tweeting eBay commission-able links with pictures of toys, cars, and speed boats.
Next, I started tweeting eBay commission-able links with pictures of gold bullion, bitcoin and snow mobiles.  Testing my theories even further I tweeted eBay commission-able links of dinosaur poo and earned eBay commissions.
As an eBay affiliate I quickly learned that there were over 18,000 categories to market from on alone (there are many eBay sites and languages).
I learned the simple challenge as an affiliate was to help buyers and sellers of any nation meet, simply by researching what one nation has got to sell and what another nation is looking for most. Posting photos of items in tweets and using hashtags helped link people browsing Twitter to eBay seller promotions and my income as an affiliate began to grow.
Then something terrible happened for eBay affiliates, the eBay partner network changed the goal post of how they rewarded eBay affiliates commissions.  As an affiliate I was still helping sellers to sell more, by connecting buyer to seller via social media, but eBay was paying me as an affiliate less for doing it!
So I stopped tweeting affiliate offers simply for the sake of tweeting them and specific sellers would pay me to Tweet for them.  I was effectively getting paid by sellers on eBay for the time I would have spent doing random tweet promotions as an affiliate!
Another system people try to make money from eBay is is a system that teaches people how to find items on Amazon and resell them for a profit on
Such was the demand and desperation of more eBay sellers wanting traffic to promote their items, I realized that there was a need to develop Tweet Eye.  Tweet Eye is a tool that helps eBay sellers (as well as Etsy sellers and independent websites) tweet their photos to Twitter and it had over 2,000 downloads in its first year!  Its strength lies in its ease of use, the ability to capture pictures/images and then tweet them out on an automated schedule. It literally saves hours and hours of time in tweeting.

Tweet With Tweet Eye & See The Difference!

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